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How to normalize taking care of your hearing

As an expert in hearing field, Kuuloverkko makes managing hearing loss easier. The company provides information through various channels and offers warm support and encouragement to care for one's hearing.


  • + 1 % Increase in traffic from Facebook to the site in 12 months
  • + 1 % Increase in organic visibility in Facebook posts compared to the previous year
  • + 1 % More clicks on term "kuulokoje" (hearing aid) from search engines to website in 8 months
  • + 1 % More impressions in all paid advertising search results over 8 months
  • Crystallising the Kuuloverkko story in a way that everyone can understand

  • A well-received brand combining expertise and compassion

  • Producing and using customer-focused content to generate new leads

  • Strong growth in visibility both organically and in paid advertising

Hearing loss and the use of hearing aids are often associated with avoidance, procrastination and negative perceptions. Kuuloverkko helps people overcome these problems with a compassionate approach that normalizes hearing rehabilitation.


  • Defining buyer personas and service paths
  • A success plan
  • Brightening up the brand
  • Content design and implementation
  • Search engine optimization, digital advertising and analytics

Why you should care about your hearing

Kuuloverkko serves its customers in a very personal and controversial area. Poor hearing affects a person's overall well-being, but delays in seeking hearing screening and rehabilitation are common.

Kuuloverkko lowers this barrier by providing information and warm support and encouragement to take care of your hearing. At the heart of the service is the idea of walking alongside the client as a knowledgeable and compassionate partner. The aim is to enable clients to enjoy life despite hearing loss or other hearing challenges.



Based on the information we received from our buyer personas, we tailored the story and visual identity of Kuuloverkko into an easy-to-understand format. Together with Kuuloverkko, we produced search engine optimized content for the website, targeted at key buyer personas, and managed visibility and product campaigns on social media.

The imagery and messaging of the Kuuloverkko brand reflects the company's people-centric approach. A dedicated expertise is an excellent basis for long-term, trusting customer relationships.


Blink Helsinki is a reliable partner. During our cooperation, we have successfully brightened up the Kuuloverkko brand and gained a lot of new leads.

Leonie Lipponen Head of Customer Service, Audmet Oy *)



Kuuloverkko, a specialist in hearing care, boasts a professional staff dedicated to addressing all customer hearing needs – from conducting hearing tests and aiding in hearing aid selection and fitting, to providing treatment for tinnitus.

*) Kuuloverkko is part of Audmet Oy.

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