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Web and marketing technologies for businesses


Your website is the main digital channel for your business. It brings in the leads that are vital to your business, informs customers about your services, serves the right target audiences and supports your brand. Get your website up and running with our website and technology services – so that customers do more than increase your sites bounce rate.

Website and technology services include everything you need to develop, launch and maintain a successful website or web service. We can help you with comprehensive website redesigns, HubSpot and Wordpress implementations, as well as development and deployment of other web services. For website projects, we prefer the Growth-Driven Design development model and marketing automations.

HubSpot Gold Partner

As a certified HubSpot Gold Partner and with over 100 years of combined HubSpot experience, we can provide state-of-the-art technical implementations (websites, integrations and special solutions) as well as the implementation and development of all HubSpot features (CRM, Marketing, Sales, Service, Operations).


Technology services

  • HubSpot implementations and development

    HubSpot implementations and development

    HubSpot provides modern tools for marketing, sales and customer service. Put them to work with a carefully refined process.

  • HubSpot websites

    HubSpot websites

    HubSpot CMS is a versatile and user-friendly website platform. It allows you to continuously improve your visitors' customer experience and lead conversions.
  • Web service audits

    Web service audits

    The audit ensures the functionality, security, user-friendliness and maximum search engine visibility of the website.
  • Website projects

    Website projects

    The right kind of website supports your company's brand, generates more leads and improves search engine findability.

A website project starts with an audit and continues all the way to maintenance

Customer insight is the be-all and end-all of any website project. Whether it's the development of individual pages or a complete overhaul of an entire site, there must be a valid reason for every change. Without proper groundwork and defined objectives, a website can easily become disconnected from the company's business or miss something vital.

Here's how the website project progresses

  1. Groundwork
    Drawing up the development plan, division of labour and scheduling.

  2. Design
    Structural and user interface design.

  3. Technical implementation
    Site building, necessary integrations and search engine optimization.

  4. Content
    High quality content creation and adding it to the site.

  5. Publishing
    Customer approval, testing and publishing.

A website project is always based on pre-defined objectives and an audit of the old website. The project may involve, for example, content renewal and SEO development, or a major change such as moving to a new domain and content management system. A website can easily be migrated from Wordpress to HubSpot, for example.

Marketing automation hits every stage of the buyer's journey

Boost your marketing and sales collaboration with other marketing technologies. Marketing automation frees up employee time by integrating all aspects of marketing, sales and customer service onto a single platform and automates repetitive steps in the buyer's journey.

With marketing automation, you can send relevant content to customers in real time, schedule ready-made sequences, manage lead scoring as well as your CRM maintenance. With automation, you also control lead generation at different conversion points, the journey of leads from marketing to sales, and their nurturing by buyer personas and journeys. Marketing automation is handled conveniently with tools such as HubSpot – so you can spend your time on more important tasks.

A successful website redesign supports your brand

No website lives forever. Every business and brand evolves over time, not to mention the technology used on a website. So all websites need a little tweaking or a major evolution over time. With a website project or website redesign, you can guarantee your customers a functional, user-friendly and stylish website.

After a successful website redesign

  • Your brand is seen and heard
    Your company's brand is reflected in the look and feel of your website and its content.

  • You reach the right target audiences
    The website serves the right target audiences and provides them with relevant content. 

  • You're more transparent
    The company communicates itself as a responsible actor.

  • The site is accessible
    The site is easy to navigate and the user finds what they are looking for. 

  • You generate more leads
    Conversion points work and bring in leads.

  • The site is easy to customise
    The website can now be easily and flexibly customised. 

  • It meets the objectives set
    The site does what it was intended to do.

When a website project is done properly from start to finish, tracking and reporting on analytics becomes easier. A user-friendly website optimised for your target audience will bring fluidity, efficiency and stature to your most important digital channel, so its development is not worth neglecting. 

Growth-Driven Design – build your website in an agile way

Growth-Driven Design is a more agile and flexible development model compared to how traditional website project runs. The traditional, more strict web development model commits a project to a big change from the start. The website or service is usually completely redesigned according to the assumptions made and knowledge obtained at the given moment. As every web service becomes obsolete over time, it has to be renewed again after a few years.

The GDD model, or Growth-Driven Design, works the other way round. It is an agile, data-driven model that focuses on keeping the online service constantly updated as a digital channel that meets customer needs. In the GDD model, all parts of the web service, from the user interface to the forms, are easily customisable and live according to the needs of the business.

Agile website development also has a strong focus on combining marketing and sales. It helps with visitor conversion and lead capture – so that your website is not just a business card.


High quality HubSpot and Wordpress implementations

HubSpot is the right answer for your website project, especially when you want seamless collaboration between marketing, sales and customer service. HubSpot consists of different hubs that, when combined, provide your company with the best possible solution to support your entire business. For website development, HubSpot is an easy and flexible tool that makes it ridiculously easy to edit your site, add content, optimise search engines and track analytics.

Along with HubSpot, WordPress is a good choice for building a website. Wordpress is one of the most popular website platforms in the world – and it's free to get started with it. With paid add-ons, you can customise your website to match your brand and add all the functionalities you need.

Whether it's HubSpot, Wordpress or any other website platform, we can deliver modern websites for your business in an agile way, including migrations and integrations.

Our design system – new website in a month

A website project doesn't have to be an impossible challenge. With Blink's customized design system, your website project will always be completed on time and on budget. We've honed and polished a collection of page templates, modules and components to help you successfully build and develop your website from the ground up. We've coded and tested each module ourselves, so we can now offerthis design system for you too.  

Our design system allows you to bypass almost all the tedious and time-consuming testing rounds that involve refining simple basics on different browsers and operating systems. As all the style settings and modules in the development theme are customisable to the client's needs and wishes, you are guaranteed to get a website that fits your brand every time. 

Choose a reliable HubSpot Partner

Blink Helsinki is an experienced, gold-level HubSpot Partner. Through us, you get successful HubSpot deployments and website implementations as well as maintenance. We empower you with separate training, so you learn the ins and outs of your HubSpot CRM. Our rock solid HubSpot team will help you get the most out of your different hubs, as well as keep up with the constant development.


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