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International growth with a new marketing concept

Nordtreat wanted to accelerate its international growth in the market for fire-resistant timber construction products. The new marketing concept encapsulates the nature of the company's products and activities. Inbound marketing, supported by digital advertising, generated traffic and leads by providing localized information about fire protection for wood, tailored to different target groups.

Campaign results in numbers

  • + 1 % Organic traffic growth
  • + 1 % Time spent on the website
  • + 1 % Online leads generated

Starting point for the marketing concept

Nordtreat, a Finnish chemical company, promotes sustainable wood construction through non-toxic fire protection. The fire retardants developed by the company are durable, non-toxic and extensively tested. Whether clear or transparent, they protect wood surfaces while respecting the natural appearance of the material.

Fire safety regulations for buildings are constantly evolving and there is a wide range of fire retardants on the market. Architects, building contractors and developers need up-to-date information to support their fire protection decisions. As the demand for prefabricated fire-resistant timber products increases with the growth of timber construction, industrial manufacturers of products also need effective and cost-efficient solutions.

Nordtreat's comprehensively tested products, certified operations and deep understanding of wood fire protection needed an image that reflected its values, communication appropriate for the international market and an effective way to gather and nurture leads.   


How the concept was implemented

Nordtreat's differentiation is based on thorough product development and testing, a unique non-toxic product, expert technical support and the preservation of the beautiful and natural appearance of wood. The flame retardants allows for the safe use of spectacular wood surfaces in interior and exterior building cladding.

Initially, buyer personas and buyer journeys were defined. After the first language versions of the website were launched, continous content production and targeted advertising began. The mobile-optimized website was implemented on the HubSpot platform, which enables localizable content, social media updates and email marketing, as well as the use of marketing automation and a CRM system.

  • "Transparent by nature" and its visual presentation encapsulate Nordtreat's respect for people and nature.
  • The marketing concept is made concrete through a new international website designed to serve defined buyer personas.
  • The content of web pages, blog posts and downloadable materials will meet the needs of different target groups and activate them to get in touch.
  • Website traffic is boosted by targeted search engine and social advertising.
  • New content is created and localized according to a quarterly plan.

The top result in Google search was achieved through determined content marketing

Nordtreat is an excellent example of how determined content marketing can achieve top search engine results. Our search engine optimised content marketing for Nordtreat culminated in a Featured Snippet, which means that Google's search engine recognises the content as the most authoritative. Globally, the search query corresponding to the ranking has more than 70 million results.


We want to promote sustainable wood construction around the world. We now have a distinctive message and a strong customer-focused online presence, which has already started to generate new traffic and leads in a short period of time.





Nordtreat promotes sustainable wood construction by developing and producing transparent, environmentally friendly fire retardants for wood products.