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The creative concept provides a framework for marketing


What does creative conceptualization mean? A creative concept isn't just an isolated idea or plan used in marketing—it's the common thread that runs through all marketing communication. Through conceptualization, you provide structure to your actions and ensure consistent messaging across all channels.

Creative conceptualization supports marketing in various domains. A marketing concept is formulated for advertising and marketing communications to bolster a company's brand and identity.  The content concept drives the production of marketing content and digital marketing, which go hand in hand with search engine optimization. Service design tools also heavily rely on creative conceptualization.

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Creative conceptualization services

  • Content creation

    Content creation

    Content creation is an essential part of marketing and brand building. It provides valuable information to customers in different content formats.
  • Brand and identity

    Brand and identity

    Building and maintaining a brand is an important part of a company's marketing and business growth strategy. 
  • Advertising and marketing communications

    Advertising and marketing communications

    Marketing communication is the way a company communicates its products or services to its target audiences in an effective way.

Why does marketing need creative conceptualization?

Marketing without a concept lacks purpose. A creative concept in marketing communication establishes a vital connection to the actions taken and organizes ideas into a comprehensible package. Creative concepting merges the creativity required for a strong marketing idea with data-driven objectives. A cohesive concept also ensures consistency throughout and enables all marketing activities to align under the same idea.

A well-executed creative concept

  1. Provides marketing with a framework

  2. Makes communication engaging

  3. Provides a framework for creativity

  4. Supports the company's brand and identity

  5. Harmonizes marketing across all channels

  6. Leaves a lasting impression – keeping your business top of mind with customers

A finely crafted creative concept supports not only marketing but also the company's brand. It considers the needs of the client, and standardizes marketing communications to maintain brand consistency and reflect the company's identity.

The marketing concept is derived from the growth strategy

Creative marketing concepts stem from the company's business growth strategy, particularly focusing on a content strategy aligned with the growth plan. When the concept is inspired by the objectives and the brand, the company's marketing doesn't feel disconnected or end up drowned by the noise.

The creative concept is grounded in the objectives outlined in the growth strategy, competitor analysis, and the company's primary target audiences. By considering the company's buyer personas and purchasing paths, marketing activities based on the concept will resonate with the target audience. A well-targeted and carefully crafted concept will also help the company distinguish itself from competitors by integrating growth strategy and marketing activities in the most effective manner.

What makes a good content concept?

Where do you begin when you're in need of a fresh, creative content concept for your marketing efforts? A successful concept stems from a solid idea, which is grounded in a genuine need. The concept and marketing objectives go hand in hand, particularly when cohesive and effective content planning is essential for marketing activities.

How to create a marketing concept that works

  1. The problem
    Clarify what customer needs the concept has to answer to.

  2. Objectives
    What does the concept aim to achieve?

  3. Idea
    Let the ideas related to your objectives and target audience fly. 

  4. Story
    Bind an idea together through storytelling.

  5. Implementation
    Bring the concept to light and test how it works.

  6. Optimization
    Even the best concepts need an update sometime. Optimize as needed.

Every marketing concept needs the right audience to work. By defining buyer personas and purchasing paths, you ensure that you understand the needs, interests and challenges of your target audience. A good content concept will always provide a solution to the target audience's problem and a clear action plan for doing so.

Concept makes the big picture understandable

A marketing concept defines what your marketing looks and sounds like across all channels. A cohesive concept transforms each stage of the buyer's journey into a significant customer experience. This enables you to forge a strong customer connection in every interaction and remain top of mind, regardless of the platform.

Creative conceptualization is essential at every marketing stage, whether it's brand development, website revamping, digital marketing, service design, or even a standalone advertising campaign. A successful concept binds these elements together, creating a unified marketing strategy for the company

Concepts gone astray? Here's how we get started

Well-planned is already half done. Creative conceptualization requires a solid foundation, where all essential target audiences, main objectives, and metrics related to the project are clarified. With a solid foundation, you provide marketing communication with the opportunities to implement a successful plan. Once the plans are in place and the markets have been mapped out, it's time to dive into conceptualization itself.


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