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How a smart technology product and service was made easy to buy

In autumn 2022, electricity prices rose rapidly and demand for electricity-saving solutions exploded. Themo needed a solid and scalable foundation for its growth, as the consumer-ready Themo Smart Thermostat and the Themo Energy Saving Service for real estate companies had not yet been marketed.

In addition to creating the platform, the product and service needed to be agile enough to get on the shopping list of the right target groups.

Themo's objectives

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Increasing contacts, leads and sales, initially in Finland and Estonia
  • Implementation of HubSpot as a common tool for marketing, sales and customer service and as a website platform

Strategic partnership as a growth engine

The start-up should consider how to develop marketing, sales and customer service. Themo chose a strategic partner who makes it easy to decide what to invest in and when. With a single partner, the whole picture remains under control and collaboration is flexible.

The marketing partner of a growth company must offer specialised expertise, agility and cost-effectiveness. Blink Helsinki has it all.

Joonas Rantala Sales Director, Themo

Clarifying the brand increases brand awareness

To create the basis, we defined four buyer personas and their customer journeys together. This helped both to clarify the brand and to target messages.

Blink x Themo ikonit-vihr2

We clarified the visual appearance of Themo by introducing, for example, understated movement, icons and infographics.

The new slogan Rethinking electric heating reflects Themo's mission.

The customer promise Save on electric heating costs easily and immediately concretises the benefits Themo offers to both consumers and property companies.


With us, Themo built a strong foundation for rapid growth in B2B and B2C sales.

Watch the video (currently only in Finnish)!

  • A clarified brand appeals to key target groups
  • Advertising click-through rates and prices at excellent levels
  • HubSpot streamlines both internal and external collaboration processes

How to stand out and to target messages to different audiences?

At the start of the partnership, Themo's brand and website was focused on the consumer-oriented Themo Smart Thermostat. However, the biggest growth targets were related to Themo Energy Saving Service for real estate companies. A new consumer product, Themo DIN, was also under development.

Marketing messages needed to be targeted and clarified to make it as easy as possible to buy both the product and the service.

The brand clarification process, including the definition of the buyer personas, is the basis of all our current activities. We understand who the buyers are and how to appeal to them.

Joonas Rantala Sales Director, Themo
Blink x Themo some-v1

Interest and sales start to grow

We implemented the new website on the HubSpot CMS platform: at the same time we redesigned the content structure and the visual layout with the buyer personas in mind. We build the e-commerce using Shopify and integrated  the two platforms.

We also launched Google and social advertising. We started content production with reference stories, with customer experiences playing a key role.

The advertisement results in Google were excellent

These results were achieved in the first 5 months.
  • 1 impressions
  • 1 % click rate
  • 1 price per click

Facebook advertising has also performed better than average. We achieved over 600,000 impressions, a click-through rate of 3.43% and a cost per click of just €0.19.

HubSpot improves efficiency and streamlines operations

Themo started using HubSpot by implementing the Marketing, Sales and Service Hubs and the CMS Hub as a website platform. This allows the journey of contacts to be managed, automated and tracked from interested contact to lead to customer, and the journey doesn't stop there: customer service tagging and customer activation for additional purchases is also handled in HubSpot.

HubSpot combines many functions under a single umbrella. When marketing, sales and customer service are all in the same system, it creates a structure for business.

Joonas Rantala Sales Director, Themo

The biggest benefit of HubSpot has been to streamline and simplify the sales process. This makes operations more efficient because all customer information is in the same system where all other operations take place.


What does Themo actually offer?

Growth company Themo enables cheaper and cleaner electricity for all. Products and services based on smart technology substantially reduce electricity consumption for heating - without compromising on comfort. There is no entirely comparable product or service on the market.




Themo is committed to enabling people around the world to reduce their electricity consumption quickly and easily - without compromising on comfort. Products and services that optimise electricity consumption and spot prices for heating make money and environmental decisions for them.