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How to multiply your results in three months

Briko Oy, a company specialising in construction labour leasing, changed its name to Bolt.Works on 3.4.2017. Bolt's aim was to revolutionise the manual and inefficient construction staffing industry by bringing all aspects of the employment relationship to a single mobile app. Through the app, supervisors can directly hire workers to the site and workers can browse jobs.

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Similar to Uber, different parties can rate each other with stars, allowing the top performers to rise through recommendations and secure more jobs with better pay. Likewise, supervisors can choose proven workers for their projects. This transformation makes recruitment in the construction industry much fairer and more transparent.

Bolt.Works selected Blink Helsinki as its partner based on recommendations. The challenge was to create an entirely new brand and launch it in a way that would encourage the traditional construction industry and its workforce to fully embrace Bolt. In a short period of time, they aimed to generate a high volume of app downloads and receive a record number of new job applications.


Creative solutions

Bolt.Works challenges other industry players by revolutionizing the construction sector, combining construction jobs and labor in a way that significantly enhances fairness. We crafted a comprehensive brand identity for Bolt and refined it across all touchpoints. Bolt's brand promise was distilled into "Uuden työn aika" (double meaning with "The Era of New Work" or "Time for a new job"). This encapsulated the innovative approach of Bolt.Works, signifying both a transformative shift in the way work is done and a fresh opportunity for individuals seeking new employment opportunities.

The marketing and sales strategy heavily relied on content marketing and marketing automation. We began by defining buyer personas along with their motivations and needs, then developed nurturing and activation paths for each persona at various stages of the service path. We devised a content marketing strategy to encourage employees and customers to join Bolt, producing content in various formats from videos to blog posts, which were continuously optimized based on data-driven insights. The website, with its four language variations, was built on HubSpot, tailored to each defined persona.

We also devised advertising campaigns across selected media channels, along with a multitude of Point-of-Sales promotions ranging from manuals to branded apparel and a promotional vehicle. Tactical Facebook, keyword, and display advertising concepts were created to guide employees towards exploring and downloading the app.

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Website traffic increased by +191% and conversions by +146% compared to the previous year. Using the Website Grader tool, Bolt's website scored 27/30 for performance, 30/30 for mobility, 30/30 for SEO and 10/10 for security. 

In the summer of 2017, Bolt.Works's turnover was at a record high.

  • + 1 % More orders
  • + 1 % More job applications
  • + 1 % Conversions to actions

The work of Blink started to bear real fruit right from the launch. Three months after the launch, the number of customer orders increased by 50% on a weekly basis and job applications by 150% compared to the same period last year.

Tommi Hämäläinen CEO, Bolt




Bolt.Works Oy is a technology company focused on construction labour hiring processes. The Bolt mobile service connects construction jobs and labour in a new way. 

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