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When eight brands became one

Kerabit underwent a transformation when eight companies, each operating under its own brand within the same corporation, consolidated their marketing efforts under a single brand. While these companies offered a unique array of products and services, effectively communicating this to customers and selling comprehensive solutions posed a challenge. So, rebranding was needed.

See the reference in Finnish

Watch the video to find out why the rebranding was done, what elements were involved, what the new brand looks like and how it was launched.

By consolidating our marketing under the common Kerabit brand, we are able to clearly communicate to customers that Kerabit is a unified entity and that we can deliver seamless comprehensive projects – for example, to contract an element roof, which is made of wood elements manufactured by us and waterproofed with Kerabit products, and a solar power system installed on the roof all as a single package.

Janne Hautala Business Director, Kerabit

National launch

The brand was launched widely because Kerabit operates throughout Finland. The media used were radio advertising and newspaper advertising in both Kärkimedia's newspapers and Rakennuslehti, the main media of the construction industry. In addition, an extensive digital advertising campaign was carried out on owned and paid channels. Both still images and video were used in the implementation.


See the video in Finnish

Radio ad 1 (in Finnish)
Radio ad 2 (in Finnish)

The new brand was implemented across all activities, from brochures to factory and construction site signs, as well as forms. Clear graphic guidelines were also established for Kerabit.





Kerabit is part of the Nordic Waterproofing Group. It manufactures bituminous roofing products and roofing elements, as well as does contract work on roofs and facades, desigs and builds solar power plants, does demanding floor and marine coatings, industrial surface treatments and roof maintenance work.