A creative and analytic bunch of people, connected by a passion to create striking growth stories. Designers, visualists, writers, content marketers, conceptualists and rain makers.

Piia Holma

Growth Director piia@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 40 527 8810

My job is to help customers find the needed marketing, sales and customer service actions for continuous growth. The most inspiring things in my job are the insights created together by the customer and our designers to bring the customer's business endeavours to new heights.

Piia Holma

Antti Tolonen

CEO antti@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 50 348 0347

I'm the CEO of Blink Helsinki, in charge of the well-being and development of our people, and the whole company. My goal is for all of us and our company to be the best versions of ourselves. Firstly, to be able to offer our customers more and more genuine added value and measurable sales growth with different marketing services. Secondly, to create circumstances where everyone can thrive while working with interesting customers.


Päivi Soini

Account Director paivi@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 40 716 0129

As a Customer Marketing Officer I work between the customer and our team, making sure that projects proceed as planned, and that they stay in schedule. I ensure that the final results are what they should be, where and when. I've been in this line of business for quite a while, so I can keep my cool even in the toughest situations.


Jenni Kanninen

Account Director jenni@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 40 716 0174

I help companies to engage with their customers effectively to create a seamless customer experience through inbound marketing. I see marketing as an entity consisted of business targets, continuous development and measurable results. My strengths include an analytic way of thinking, understanding big entireties and being result-oriented – goals are set to be achieved! My love for numbers and fact-based decisions comes from the financial management experience gathered in my youth. It goes well together with my easily excited and sprinkling personality.


Riina Rajaniemi

Account Director riina@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 50 389 4606

I enjoy getting to be in the middle of it all – in the eye between customers and our own people. By doing the best I can I wish to support both the success of our customers and our employees. I believe that expertise, curious excitement, joy and a positive attitude lead to the best end results.

Riina Rajaniemen kuva

Toni Talasjoki

Digital Marketing Consultant & Project Manager toni@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 50 407 9153

In my work I'm mostly excited by seamless team work and successful projects. I like to manage entireties but I also have a keen eye to small details. At Blink I work as a digital marketing consultant and a project director, since I'm eager to come up with ideas along with testing and taking things further.


Terhi Bergius

Content Manager terhi@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 50 912 2806

As an inbound marketing designer and content manager I want to focus on things the reader – that being you right now – can benefit and get joy from. I get excited when I get to step in the client's shoes and create content that helps both the customer and their company to succeed.


Timo Vennonen

Content Manager timo@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 40 867 1 419

Customer-oriented content no matter the format. And strategic communication signals – what do we want to say and what does the customer actually need? The customer's client is our client. My goal is to bring value for them both with everything I do. If i don't, it's all for nothing. After all, I don't think marketing is a form of art, it's a skill.


Lassi Hakkarainen

Concept Designer lassi@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 400 926 688

To reach the right customer with the right message, in the right time and in the right place, we just need to think who we are talking to, what are we saying and in what format do we dress up the message. Then you add a scoop of emotions, since all purchasing decisions in the end are based on feelings. It doesn't need to be harder than that.


Juhani Johansson

Art Director juhani@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 40 728 9302

Print and digital visuals while breaking a leg. Illustration and motion graphics make my head turn.


Markku Starmans

Art Director markku@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 50 304 2686

I'm a professional in visual design and a rookie in fly fishing. I've been fortunate to have diversely worked on different creative executions from television to display marketing, and everything in between. At its height marketing is clever, it hits where it's supposed to and it brings growth to our customer's. In the end, that's what we are here to do.

Heikki Kääriäinen

Designer hefner@blinkhelsinki.fi

I've been lucky in my career to work diversely on different creative design projects from UI/UX design to brand design, in digital and printed formats. I especially like bezier curves, 80's graphics, synth-wave music and being a ninja.

Heikki Kääriäinen

Maria Tulchinskaya

Graphic Designer maria@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 45 1650 945

I've worked as a graphic designer for over 10 years. I've always studied a lot, investing time and money on knowledge. It has continued to this day. My goal in everything I do is to either boost the customer's sales growth or add the knowledge of brand through visuals and story telling. I can say for sure that in 10 years my job will still be focused on design and visuals.

Marian kuva

Hilla Virtanen

Graphic Designer hilla@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 400 345797

As a designer I'm rich and ambitious in ideas. I'm creative and systematic, which help me reach a succeeded outcome. I'm just as passionate about a project, whether it be the exciting first ideas or the last, final details. I enjoy it the most when I get to design visual entireties and see the graphical identity take form. The opportunity for creativeness and self-expression is importnat to me in life – that's why working in a creative field has always been a clear choice for me.


Mira kurko

Graphic Designer mira@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 50 349 8617

I don't think my job is art-focused, it's service-focused. Through graphic design I can convey a message to the right people in an interesting and inspiring way. That's why I appreciate open communication with the client and wish to understand their work and target groups as best as I can. My passions are visualising information and gardening. Those two are surprisingly quite similar.


Peike Korvenmaa

Digital Marketing Specialist peike@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 50 300 8299

The core of my role is to plan and execute marketing and advertising for social media and search engines. The most interesting part is breaking down big entireties to small pieces in a way that we cover the whole customer journey – and even more. Data-driven marketing fascinates me, after all I'm a teekkari through and through. My technical background is one of my biggest strengths. On the other side of the coin I'm a dancer interested in business development.


Jonna Sulkanen

Digital Marketing Specialist jonna@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 400 164 816

I'm a marketing and communications specialist, whose heart beats for good content. In the world of digital marketing designing and building customer-oriented marketing that evokes feelings fascinates me the most. The best thing about my job is to unleash my creativity and skills, and to see analytics as high as the clouds.


Anniina Leikas

Digital Marketing Specialist anniina@blinkhelsinki.fi +358 44 36 32 338

I get excited by marketing that evokes feelings, puts values boldly on the table and still does not promise the impossible. I'm glad to have been able to work with digital marketing both as an in-house marketer and as a part of a marketing office. In my own work the best part is to see meaningful and successful marketing, along with seeing digital marketing as a crucial part of the customer experience. In my free time you can find me wandering in the nature or traveling, searching for the eternal spring.


Ville Pekkarinen

Technical Designer ville@blinkhelsinki.fi 050 511 4402

I've been designing and developing different web services in B2B and B2C contexts since 1998. I'm interested in semantics, accessibility, usability, functional solutions and sustainable development. My toolbox has grown with all sorts over the years and I still keep growing the collection.


Juhani "Juska" Turpeinen

Technical Designer juhani.turpeinen@blinkhelsinki.fi

Data processing BBA, who likes working with software development and data bases, even though it may not always shine through my calm demeanour. Along with HTML I utilise CSS, javascript and HubSpot – and I'm always open for new technologies.


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