INBOUND marketing

Build a data-driven marketing model for your company with inbound marketing. Inbound will: bring potential customer to your website, convert visitors to leads, nurture leads to sales and to loyal customers. All of this on the customer's terms while serving their interests.




Inbound marketing – grow your business and serve your customers


Well though-out inbound marketing offers your customers relevant ideas and knowledge right when they need and search for it. Inbound marketing is a modern way for your company to execute targeted, effective and measurable marketing online. 

Inbound is best fitted for companies whose product and service buying processes are multi-phased and long. You'll get the best results by connecting the different aspects of inbound and outbound marketing – to a functional marketing and sales entirety.


How does inbound marketing work?


Inbound marketing is based on the customer's buying journey – where the person travels from the knowledge phase to the comparing phase, and further to buying and customer experience phases. Respectively the marketer's duty on the same path is to tempt the correct buyer personas for communication, and then convert them from prospects to leads. 

When the leads have been caught the marketer has to be able to warm up and nurture the leads for sales. After the sales event has passed the marketer still has to be able to build rewarding, delighting and distinct customer experiences – developing customer loyalty.

This way the buyer's journey becomes a circle. A loyal and happy customer wants to buy more, turning into a messenger for your company.


Interesting content and effective tools with inbound


Inbound marketing requires you to be systematic, persistent, imaginative and creative. So the customer's challenges and expectation can be answered in a distinctive and influential way. 

Inbound strategy is based on recognising your company's most important buyer personas and their motives, interests and buying processes. This is how you can plan and produce targeted content that your buyer personas will actually find and be interested in. Some of this content will require the customer to give their contact info, so you can collect the needed leads for your business. 

The content can be anything from blog posts to videos, webinars, podcasts, social media visibility, and downloadable documents. Good content turns your contacts into leads, that can be warmed up with for example marketing automation towards consideration and sales phases.


HubSpot makes inbound marketing easier – and more effective


Implementing inbound marketing to your business requires the use of intelligent and necessary technology, for example HubSpot or Salesforce Pardot. Using the right, modern technology makes it possible for you to recognise the right contacts and service them at the right time, resulting in positive customer experience and in concrete sales.




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